Heavy Petting

by Sportsmanship

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HEAVY PETTING is the 2nd EP released by Sportsmanship. It's a collection of songs about ice cream, children, death, and Lord of the Rings. It should be listened to at a high volume and with your head in the clouds.


released October 7, 2017

Sportsmanship is:
Trey Lewis (guitars, vocals, keys, tambourines)
Matt Grace (bass guitar)
Rowland Yeargan (drums)

All songs written and performed by Sportsmanship. HEAVY PETTING was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mr. Franklin at Mr. Franklin's Music House in Raleigh, NC. Album art and associated press material created by Rowland Yeargan.


all rights reserved



Sportsmanship Raleigh, North Carolina

Trey Lewis
Matt Grace
Rowland Yeargan

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Track Name: Face It
Face it
What's the point in faking anonymity
I'm through here
Talk so much you'll spoil the curiousity
On and on until you're satisfied
Take a look around and see your enemy
Your mother
Your mother wishes she could keep up with the baby
On and on, it's just a memory

What do you know about me?
Is there something I couldn't see?
What do you know before you ever step outside and see?
I should erase my life before it gets ahead of me

Epistemologically appetizing
Coolin' (oh stop, you're pretty cool, yourself)
Little brother waits until the afterparty
On and on, you're just a memory
Ghost town
When's the last time anyone has tried to talk to me
Christ almighty, where the hell is everybody?
Track Name: Scissor Sisters
I walked a mile in her shoes
And I found I couldn't walk at all
I fought the most with a ghost of myself
That I forgot to call

I travel through space, it's just a time and a place
On a ship for the gods
Sick of climbing the stairs, pit of earth in despair
Reward is white in my hair

Hey yeah, we are scissor sisters
Rock you to the bone, leave yourself alone

I wrestled with fear for what must have been years
I was indisposed
I don't remember his name, but we are one and the same
The grey of blessed repose

And now I wander around, 100 feet off the ground
And I never make a sound
I found in the end my only foe was my friend
And now I'm empty again
Track Name: Group Project
I'm bound to say "take it slow"
I still forget all the time, does it show?
The family life is programmed to make a very simple
Man out of me, the man out of me is waiting
For somebody else who knows what the hell they're doing
To just push me aside
It doesn't make any sense, I know it

What does it take to be a man?

What's in my mind's eye? I don't know
Is your life like mine? I don't know
Trying to find some peace and quiet in this house
But hardwood floors reverberate the clicking sound of
Fingernails of cats and dogs, imagine
The shouts and cries of little people

But that's what it takes to be a man

Overthinking, overthinking kids
It's part and parcel, both of us are ine
Conspirarating on how it's s'posed to be
It's a group project, but I feel like it's just me

I don't hate you yet
I'm so selfish
But I don't hate you yet

We're come to get you now
Four tiny people
We're come to get you now

Arkansas, Mississippi, Delaware, Canus Major
Saginaw, Colorado, Oil City, Bethlehem
Chicago Illinois, Omaha, New Mexico, North Carolina
Minnesota, California, Maine, and Washington D.C.
Charleston, South Carolina, the middle of nowhere Texas
St. Mary and Martha's Monastery, the hottest place on planet Earth
20 dollars in tolls in Florida just to get to the coast so we could see our friends for like an hour from Melbourne, but not the cool Melbourne in Australia
Track Name: Emotional Support Iguana
You like to think that you are better than me
Because I think I am better than you
I'm switching signage at the back of the train
Because I have nothing better to do

You maybe think that I look so cool
But I am having trouble with things
I got this feeling that it's coming to me
And I know, I think it's coming to me

You can't fight fire with fire
We all have a mommy
Track Name: Paint the Ceiling
Three words, just lie to me
One friend is all I need
Lay low, don't talk to me
You are Persephone

Three moves, then agony
Make peace with mystery
New life from old must be
In the spirit of the Trinity

Now lay aside all earthly cares

Paint the ceiling red
One goes out, one must come in
Close the bathroom door
Things will not be the same again
Track Name: Pennies & Dimes
Why do you ask the question when you already know the answer? Try counting numbers if you're just looking to fill the time up. I'm collecting bottlecaps until I cover all my safe walkpaths. Ceaselessly serving something until I find what I am looking for.

How is it that every time I look it seems the second hand's the only one that's moving? How many people can be in a room before it becomes a fire hazard? I once did something interesting but then I lied about it because I didn't want to seem gauche. What if the grey cocoon is only grey because the caterpillar inside is already dead?

I have two credit cards

Save up your pennies and dimes
Spend 'em to have a good time
Stock up on liquor and wine
Cause right now you're out of your mind

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